U·Seek provides the most Focused Engagement & Brand Interaction found anywhere in streaming content, while driving customers to point of sale through reward, loyalty and charitable platforms

Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house.
— Mari Smith - Forbes Top Ten Social Media Power Influencer

Our interactive media player builds a positive Win-Win relationship between Consumers and Brands. 


U•Seek's technology gamifies branded content and puts the consumer in control

  • Have consumers touch your brand because they want to
  • Build and track engagements that lead to sales
  • Offer reward, loyalty, and charitable platforms all at consumers' fingertips
  • Change rewards and loyalty offers dynamically and at scale
  • Big data, open API, detailed analytics



Eventize and Monetize current and past content


U•Seek's interactive solution creates tangible value through engagement and revenue

  •  Create focused metric touch points inside content
  •  Drive engagement through a positive fun experience
  •  Generate additional revenue with brand partners
  •  Build loyalty through engagement
  •  Track viewer retention, customized analytics, and empirical data

Feel Good Program


U•Seek's technology helps empower brands and charities to generate a 1:1 ratio from customer acquisition to charitable donation  

  • 100% net revenue to charities
  • Scalable, sustainable solution
  • Consumer awareness for charities
  • Brand recognition for give back programs
  • Loyalty engagement for brands based on giving
  • Win-Win transaction between consumers, brands, and charities